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Dena R July 25, 2014 at 10:18 AM
Very well said Chris
Adrienne Ursino July 25, 2014 at 12:58 PM
I agree with Chris. My young daughter and I lived on the corner of Brown and Berrellessa for fourRead Moreye ars. This is a block away from the previous location. There was never any trouble or mishaps- folks came in to eat and then left. I love Martinez and my neighbors- I hope that we can all come to an agreement and remember that Loaves and Fishes helps those less fortunate in our community. L & F helps provide the most basic of necessities- food. Aren't we as a society better off when our community members are taken care of? Wouldn’t you want this service available should you not be able to provide a hot meal to your family? Come on folks- let’s be neighborly about this and support L & F and all they do for our community!
Lawrence Risner July 25, 2014 at 01:35 PM
Actually, maybe near the Berellesa Palms which is now a section-8 complex or in an industrial areaRead Morew ould have been a more fitting choice. More questions; " Why all the secrecy and untruths in securing this site?"Why did an elected city councilman become involved in the property sale that the city has tried to stop - must have been the commission for the sale? Why does the Starbucks close at dusk and Martinez is losing it's downtown MacDonalds? Is the Copper Skillet going to follow due to loss of business? How would you like to be the owner of the Copper Skillet and have Loaves and Fishes 2-doors away open for lunch service during your busiest hour of the day? As far as parking goes - there is none and the Senior Center parking lot is going to have to be monitored as never before for it's members use only. As for not bringing with it problems ask it's current neighbors that have young children. Why don't the locals visit downtown after dark and what about the unsanitary conditions in the waterfront park? Gee, what can be done to bring more of this to the downtown so the creek and park can maybe become a bio-hazard area? Granted that it isn't the homeless being the cause it's the lack of adequate zoning regulations to prevent making this possible. Maybe those that see no problems with this should gather up all their assets and open a food service business close to Loaves and Fishes and see how it works for you. Oh yeah, wait until you are a senior or have senior parents that would like to use the senior center in comfort and without Loaves and Fishes patrons wanting to use the senior facilities before and after Loaves and Fishes is open. Incidentally, the Senior Center has/does in fact serve the community by offering food service to the local senior membership with CC Cafe, unfortunately it's during the same hours of operation as Loaves and Fishes and this was never considered as a possible issue either. So many questions and so few sensible answers. Maybe Loaves and Fishes should have selected Lafayette where they hold their fund raisers, undoubtedly telling those attending how downtown Martinez is going to prosper. Do you really think they want this in their home town?
Pat Corr July 12, 2014 at 08:43 PM
Check out the photos for this garage sale here: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/gms/4565740551.html
Chris Kapsalis July 15, 2014 at 08:50 AM
Your exactly right Ken. When the hills dry, upper creeks, they and their prey need water. Also Deer Read Morecan survive ok on dry feed, little water, but prefer green plants etc. and migrate more into cities, even streets, yards, and predators will follow them. Even more so during a dry spell. So people will see them more. I just wish they and the coyotes would thin our the turkey population around our place. They are starting to get over populated big time. Rattle snakes too, thought they get most of their water form the pray they eat, their prey needs water and food... So they will come into towns more too this time of year..
Ken Duarte July 16, 2014 at 09:02 AM
ya i often wonder with the rapid explosion ofsome of these game animalswhat is going to happen inRead Moreth e future considering inside of the last 30 years,there has been ,my guess,a 60%to maby 80% decrease in hunting throughout the reagon.Understandably with the sale and division of these larger ranches,the development and population increase has simply made it unsafe .I never even saw any thing bigger than a three pointer in my life until like ten years ago and they were rare.Now? Any hour of the day ,Groups of deer,including4 and 5 point bucks are almost as common as cattle.These Big Cats are in Heavin ..So like Cheryl Buscaglia said"mother nature at its best."Mite be putting it lightly
Chris Kapsalis July 16, 2014 at 01:52 PM
Problem is people see a mountain lion they freak out. If it is in city limits animal control willRead Morere move it. As said, they have a wide range. And will come into a city limit as some point. So they are being restricted from multiplying, when we need may more natural predators like Mountain Lions around to control the deer population. Cottee's usually go after smaller game. Too many deer and turkey's for a healthy ecosystem right now. Way out of balance. We need legal bow hunting seasons here, more permits to hunt, and or leave the big cats be. Just watch your dogs.. There was 20 deer here a few months ago at one time. 20. Never seen so many in one group. We need to learn to live with mountain lions, let them be and do their job, which is control the deer pop.. Hunt them with a camera.
Chris Kapsalis June 27, 2014 at 04:19 AM
I agree with everything you say. But that is what we can see. What we cannot see so well is theRead Moreendl ess miles of roads and parking lots that have cars and trucks on them dripping anti freeze and oils, gas, you name it, onto our roads that All washes directly into our storm drains and directly into creeks, lakes, rivers, bays and oceans. Amounts of toxins far beyond the toxins of garbage. And mercury, lead, you name it. Also from factories etc. , electrical coal plants that make our power, refineries, that make our way of life possible, all pollute. Either directly into the water , sometimes unchecked, or into the air then rain clouds, and down it comes, acid rain, toxic rain, and you guessed it, right into our water and earth. You are told not to even eat fish more than what, twice a year from the Bay? While a plastic bag or cup, or cigarette butt is visible, and an eye sore, and may end up in the water, and can lead to a fish or animals demise, we are all guilty of pollution on am much grander scale. The sheer amount of toxins that go into our water ways from roads and parking lots from , yes the trucks that us just about everything we have , and the factories that made everything we own, and the way the electricity is made that powers the very computer we are both using right now, is Vastly more toxic and polluting than cups and cigarette butts. By millions of times.. IMO. This is where we need to focus our attention more. Yes, do not litter, but we need to change the way we operate, live, our entire way of life, to a clean way, not this way, and understand it is what you Cannot see that is the real threat to earth, much more than visible trash. And I hate seeing visible trash. But this is a fact. Un-visible toxins are Much more of a danger... And there are things we can do. Everyone of us, to reduce this constant stream of toxins, that gets little attention compared to six pack holders and cigarette butts or six pack plastic beer holders etc... ( I am Not saying it is not an issue, trash, only reminding people it is what you cannot see that is many times more toxic to the earth.. )
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